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First clip from Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers is totally not basic, fellow teens

Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith is 45 years old, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of touch with today’s #teens. If anything, a movie like Cop Out is just as relevant with today’s high school students as it was when it first came out, which is truly a testament to that film’s consistent level of appeal. Finally, though, Smith is making a movie specifically targeted at his loyal audience of #teens, and it should cement his legacy as a hip filmmaker once and for all.

That film is Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith’s love letter to not only the proud nation of Canada, but also to Johnny Depp’s refusal to turn down any project ever. It stars both Smith and Depp’s daughters as a pair of Canadian convenience store clerks who have to defeat some kind of ancient evil, and you can see the first clip from Yoga Hosers below. It makes it clear how hard this movie is courting #teens, or at least people who talk like exaggerated movie #teens, right down to their use of the word “basic” and the Instagram-like graphics. Basically, if you don’t get what’s happening in this clip, then you’re not a #teen.

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