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Fireworks tell a life story in the blink of an eye with “Bed Sores”

In recent years, pop-punk bands have been struggling with the concept of maturity in increasingly ambitious ways. After Philadelphia’s The Wonder Years made three loosely conceptual albums all based on the themes of adulthood, Detroit’s Fireworks made a similar leap with this year’s Oh, Common Life. The album largely removes the “punk” portion of the band’s pop-punk sound, all for the betterment of a record that recalls Elvis Costello at his most jittery. Below, The A.V. Club premieres the video for “Bed Sores,” which serves as a continuation of Common Life’s overarching themes as its protagonist watches his life flash before his eyes, then attempts to find meaning in acts of petty vandalism and secret cigarette breaks.

Oh, Common Life is out now on Triple Crown Records.

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