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Firefly fans actually trying to help Nathan Fillion buy the show

Having witnessed its ability to overthrow entire nations, people are finally putting the Internet’s power to organize and galvanize toward the most worthy cause of all: catering to the niche appreciation of science fiction, bringing things full circle to what launched the Internet in the first place. Following the successful bid to give Detroit a RoboCop statue, fans have now rallied around Nathan Fillion’s recent claims that he would gladly star in and distribute new episodes of Firefly if he could only get his hands on $300 million, launching a website and Facebook page dedicated to helping Fillion do exactly that. Right now neither site is accepting donations—just “pledges” to donate toward whatever the actual price of producing new Firefly content would be—which is probably just as well, considering Fox is unlikely to ever actually sell the rights, and even “rebooting” it as a TV movie or something seems unlikely. But hey, if you feel like being proactive and signing yet another Firefly-related petition, here are two new places to let the Internet know that you enjoyed that show. [via EW]


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