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Fire up for John Wick: Chapter 2 by watching John Wick, as voiced by Michael Jackson

Screenshot: John Wick: Chapter Two Trailer

Cheap-ass CGI blood aside, 2014’s John Wick is a shining example of modern action done right. The story of a retired assassin (Keanu Reeves, showing off his real-life firearms mastery) who goes on a bloody rampage after the death of his dog, the movie continuously topped itself with breathless, over-the-top action sequences that, all told, result in a hefty kill count of 76.

Part of the movie’s appeal is in juxtaposing that bonkers carnage with the dead puppy at the center of it. Now, YouTuber Dean Wyatt has taken the absurdity a step further. In this edit of the film’s first bravura action sequence, Wyatt replaces the grunts of Reeves’ Wick with the buoyant “Yeah!” and “HOO-hoo’s” of Michael Jackson.

“I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’,” Wick-as-Jackson says before laying waste amid a chorus of trills and scats. There’s something delightful about Jackson’s sharp breaths subbed in for Wick’s.

Consider it an appetizer for the forthcoming John Wick: Chapter 2 (and John Wick 3, which is apparently already in development).


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