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Fiona Apple will appear in a French TV series about superheroes

Fiona Apple will appear in an upcoming episode of the French superhero series H-Man, playing an activist named “BioFrau.” Premiering in March, H-Man is directed by Joseph Cahill who, not coincidentally, also directed Apple’s “Every Single Night” video. There’s a teaser trailer below for the show Cahill describes as “a series of delusions influenced by many American blockbusters.”

According to the MTV Brazil site Teco Apple, the episode finds Apple’s “BioFrau” being held hostage at a nuclear power plant in Germany. Action ensues and, if Consequence Of Sound’s assumptions are correct, the rather scruffy H-Man comes to the rescue. Then, considering it’s a French TV show, they’ll probably drink wine, smoke cigarettes, and walk over a bunch of bridges.

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