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Fiona Apple shares video of her (and her dog) working on new music

Photo: Natalie Behring (Getty Images)

Here’s a nice surprise: Fiona Apple is self-producing some new music, her adorable dog by her side. This news comes via a pair of Instagram videos that were first posted on the Fiona Apple Rocks fan Tumblr.

In the first, which has been deleted from its original source, Apple tells her dog (and the camera) that she’s “doing vocals.” She adds, “You can just do stuff in your house and then nobody can tell you what to do.” The second finds her, drumsticks in hand, recording a bit of percussion, with an accompanying caption reading, “make sure to say it’s my sloppy percussion, because I know I’m sloppy.”


Apple’s last LP was 2012’s The Idler Wheel..., but the last few years have seen her release “I Can’t Wait To Meet You” and a new rendition of “I Know” featuring King Princess. Earlier this year, she covered a Temple Of The Dog song at a Chris Cornell tribute show. As Pitchfork notes, she revealed in a 2018 Q&A that she’s working on new music.

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