The death of Motörhead frontman Lemmy (a.k.a. Ian Kilmister) has resulted in a wide outpouring of tribute and support, ranging from strangely touching WWE videos to loving essays from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne. And also a Finnish milk commercial, apparently, with Valio, a fine purveyor of Helsinki-based dairy products, offering a tribute in the form of previously unused footage that the “Ace Of Spades” growler shot for them for an unaired commercial.

The video—which features Lemmy walking out of a bar, declaring his aversion to drinking milk, and then calling everyone involved an asshole before breaking off into laughter (in what’s an admittedly a pretty fair encapsulation of the grizzled rocker’s leathery mystique)—was filmed last year, apparently as a reference to a famous Finnish milk commercial from the ’70s. After Lemmy’s death, Valio recut the commerical using an improvised outtake (their original script not containing the word asshole, unsurprisingly), and released it as a tribute to the late Kilmister. And while it might seem a little crass to slather a tribute to a dead man in corporate dairy logos, if you’re not a Finnish milk consumer, we guess the ad potential of the spot is largely academic, leaving only a nice little moment that honors a true rock legend.