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Illustration: Natalie Kwee

We’ve all experienced our own version of Netflix ennui. Listlessly scrolling from category to category, desperately hoping to be inspired by a generic looking cover photo or perhaps remember that thing we said we were going to watch and then didn’t. Well, now you can search for your next favorite Netflix series in a completely different yet equally frustrating manner with this Where’s Waldo?-style illustration.


The drawing—made by graphic designer Natalie Kwee of The Secret Little Agency—features all of your favorite characters from nearly every existing Netflix property. The women of Orange Is The New Black’s Litchfield Penitentiary, the campers from Wet Hot American Summer, the kids from Stranger Things, and, looking right at home in a cartoon, the crew from BoJack Horseman are all enjoying a sunny digital platform-promoting day in the park. Some are harder to spot, like the cast of Master Of None hanging out in the lower left corner. And a few you might not expect to see, like the visibly pregnant Ali Wong from her hilarious stand-up special Baby Cobra. Presumably the cast of Sense8 is also in there somewhere, being thoroughly enjoyed by somebody. Take a look and see how many characters you recognize. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite show has been hiding in plain sight all along.

[via Mashable]

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