Screenshot: YouTube

The A.V. Club loves Rick And Morty, so much so that we will report on a lack of information about when the show’s third season will come. And, while the public’s desire for more Rick And Morty is leading to interesting stopgap measures—including these surreal video game animations and a satirical new website—this video from Looper sates cravings for Justin Roiland’s absurdist sci-fi by buzzing through a bunch of lesser-known facts from the show’s history.

For example, you may already know that the whole thing started out as The Real Animated Aventures Of Doc And Mharti, a thinly disguised riff on Back To The Future, before being retrofitted to be less copyright-infringing when it made the leap to TV. But did you know that Roiland actually records all of his lines as Rick three times—first noting where he’d like to burp, then doing it with burps, and then a third time voicing both titular characters while improvising and creating new jokes? The three audio tracks are then stitched together and animated to create the final product, leading to the show’s blend of cracker-jack comic timing and also weird, lingering improvisational moments.


The video also details the way the show premiered a whole episode via Instagram, the story behind its gruesome Simpsons couch gag, and how some shit that went into a portal in Gravity Falls popped out of a portal in Rick And Morty. Several of the stories cite A.V. Club articles, including Harmon’s claim that the showrunners tried to create one secret they’d never solve on the show. Some asshole on Reddit solved it almost immediately, because the internet ruins everything.