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Finally, we have a reason to put RZA and Eric Roberts in the same headline

Photo: Steven Ferdman/Mike McGinnis (Getty Images)

The headline pretty much says it all: The Eric Roberts/RZA team-up we never really thought about before this very moment but now desperately need is happening. Deadline reports that The Abbot and the madman have both signed on for co-starring roles in the upcoming indie film Hard Luck Love Song, which the trade vaguely refers to as being “Americana music-inspired.”

Specifically, it’s based on a song called “Just Like Old Times,” from singer-songwriter Todd Snider’s 2006 album The Devil You Know. Michael Dorman (Daybreakers, Amazon’s Patriot) stars as Jesse, a traveling musician who tumbles into an emotional crisis after running into his ex, a woman named Carla played by One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush. RZA will play Louis, a man who has a “complicated relationship” with and an “emotional hold” on Carla (side-eyeing the potential for a tired pimp stereotype here), while Roberts will play a “grizzled bar doorman” and friend to all named Skip.


You can hear Snider performing the song the film is based on below.

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