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Finally, the Ron Howard/Will Smith sci-fi remake you've been clamoring for

This Deadline story about the new, Leonardo DiCaprio-produced Twilight Zone film that we already told you about—which reveals that it now has a new writer, Jason Rothenberg, and not much else—is this potentially more interesting update on Rothernberg’s other big undertaking, a remake of 1970’s Colossus: The Forbin Project, which was at one time just a rumor but is now apparently a reality, with Ron Howard attached as director and Will Smith named as the lead.

It’s an interesting choice on both counts for what Deadline terms a “contemporary Frankenstein story about the world's first sentient computer and the misunderstood genius who gains power over the world because of it”—both because Ron Howard’s experience with sci-fi thus far has been stuff like Cocoon (which was, we suppose, is in its own cuddly way a “contemporary Frankenstein story,” in that it involved the revival of walking corpses), and because I Am Legend already proved that it’s difficult to buy Will Smith as a scientific genius, "misunderstood" or otherwise. Anyway, this is happening.


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