Those anxiously awaiting news of the next M. Night Shyamalan project and the next film to star Will Smith’s genetically engineered acting dynasty scion Jaden Smith can receive double-team supreme satisfaction from this Heat Vision article, which says that Shyamalan and Smith are set to collaborate on an “ultra-clandestine sci-fi project” known as One Thousand A.E. (What does the “E” stand for???? Is it “After Earth,” as suggested by 2000’s Titan A.E.? Or is it an unexpected twist, like a dystopic vision of a world without eggs?)

This project is not the similarly top-secret script Shyamalan was said to be peddling over the summer with the names “Bruce Willis” and “Gwyneth Paltrow” scribbled at the top, which has now been “quietly shelved.” Instead—and this may be the most promising thing about it—Shyamalan didn't write it, but rather it’s an original idea from screenwriter Gary Whitta, best known for The Book Of Eli. (Hopefully it doesn’t stand for “After Eli.”) All plot details are, naturally, being kept a secret, although it is known that the film calls for an adult male to share the screen with Jaden, but Will Smith won’t be taking it, preferring instead to focus on producing it through his Overbrook shingle, turning his daughter Willow into the next Rihanna, and maybe breeding an all-star athlete over the winter.