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Finally, someone uses emoji for their intended purpose: ranking every Coen brothers movie

Screenshot: Barton Fink trailer (YouTube)

So, it turns out we’ve all been using emoji wrong. Yes, these convenient little pictograms can come in handy when you want to express happiness, sadness, or horniness, but their true intended purpose only recently became clear when actor, comedian, and co-creator of Love, Paul Rust, used them to visually rank every Coen Brothers’ movie. The result is a succinct list of sixteen easily decodable rebus puzzles and one “The Ladykillers,” because that movie isn’t even worth translating into emoji form.


People will certainly take umbrage with some of Rust’s rankings, particularly the impossibly low ranking of O, Brother Where Art Thou! But it’s hard to argue with Fargo (a.k.a. pregnant woman cop emoji) and Barton Fink (a.k.a. wrestling film emoji) being in the top three. As an added bonus, Rust followed up his Coen Brothers tweet with an ranking of 32 major motion pictures directed by Steven Spielberg, once again, written out in emoji.

Again, this list provides a number of pop culture opinions for us to fight over in the comments. But, at the very least, we can all agree that a better name for Close Encounters is “The Alien Potato Movie” and, from now on, The BFG will be known as “Up Rainbow Happy Man.”

[via Indiewire]

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