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Finally, somebody is updating Crashing for current day

Screenshot: Crashing (YouTube)

Pete Holmes’ semi-autobiographical HBO show, Crashing, feels a bit out of place in 2018. Maybe it’s that Holmes’ goofy comedic persona is just too genuine for our current cultural climate. Or maybe it’s that the world simply doesn’t need another navel-gazing comedy about the “struggle” of straight white male comedians right now. Whatever the reason, Crashing seems to be ripe for mockery, which is why the new Crashing Current Day Twitter account feels so vital.


Crashing Current Day is the parody of a parody account that finally asks the question on everybody’s mind: “What if Crashing took place now?” as opposed to last year, we guess. Over the past month, the genius behind this account has been sharing potential plot points for the HBO show, none of which necessarily update it in any way but rather sound like real ideas that just didn’t make it into the final script.

Some premises play on the banal nature of the show’s comedic point of view:


Others poke fun at Holmes’ character’s penchant for stumbling into the lives of famous comedians and celebrities:


Occasionally, these parody tweets accidentally get to the heart of what Crashing is really all about:


Hopefully, Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow are keeping tabs on this account while preparing for Crashing season three, because we’d love to see what kind of comedy hay they can make out of “Pete gets a cell phone.”

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