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Finally, some law and order comes to Twitter

Screenshot: Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, you probably noticed a meme that looks a little like this, a scaffolding of emojis, in the vague shape of an upright human form.

That’s the sheriff of [insert action here]. They’re going to [perform action]. The tweet above, the “sheriff of suckin u off,” is the first appearance of the meme, courtesy of comedian Brandon “dicks out for Harambe” Wardell. Wardell and fellow comedian Stavros Halkias also did an IRL photoshoot to enrich the Sheriff Expanded Universe, called “The Revenge Of The Sheriff Of Sucking You Off” (NSFW).

It’s unclear why the sheriff has metastasized into a meme now, over a month from Wardell’s initial tweet, but such are the whims of Twitter. Have some more:

And this one, which we are definitely not mad about and actually think is funny.


If all this is completely lost on you, congratulations: You spend a healthy amount of time on Twitter. The sheriff of congratulating you for spending a healthy amount of time on Twitter will be around shortly to… you get it.

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