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Finally, Family Matters re-imagined as a gory anime

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Is the next wave of remakes and reboots going to be just adapting pre-existing properties to anime? No, it’s most likely not. But that hasn’t stopped Fox Animation Domination High-Def (Fox ADHD) from re-purposing the TGIF staple Family Matters into the high octane animated show it was clearly always meant to be. From the makers of such previous works as “Scientifically Accurate Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers,” this new version is re-dubbed ”Urkel-San” and finally figures out a way to have Urkelbot make a bit more sense (though Stefan remains a weird vanity plot device).


The theme song keeps the original lyrics but is now turbo-charged to better suit the incredibly fast-paced and violent show about an awkward teen hacking and slashing his way through life. And instead of Carl Winslow dealing with Urkel by saying “3-2-1, 1-2-3, what the heck is bothering me?” he turns into a demonic beast that has a brutal showdown with his nerdy antagonist. With all of the decapitations and dismembering of limbs, this version of Family Matters would at least have a more plausible excuse for the sudden disappearance of most of its characters (Where’s Aunt Rachel, Urkel? WHERE’S RACHEL, URKEL???).

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