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Finally, a video essay about Powder

Powder is an allegory. (Image: Buena Vista Pictures)

The internet has seen an explosion of video essays in the last few years. Some of these are insightful, essential, and eloquent. A lot, however, are just insipid clip reels and supercuts that treat anything that isn’t said out loud in a movie or TV show as rarified subtext. And if anyone can do that and still make that sweet click money, then so can indie actor, filmmaker, and cultural maven Kentucker Audley.

When last we joined Audley, he was applying his #brand of content-creating close analysis to the “excellent themes” of Pleasantville. Now, thanks to the folks at The Talkhouse, Audley is back to offer his insights on Powder, a movie about a hairless, naive teenager and the older man who can see him for who he really is, which was written and directed by a pedophile. As Audley reminds us, “It’s important that we have tons of video essays to watch or film culture is in deep shit. For every movie or movie topic, there should be at least five video essays.” Bon appétit!

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