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Finally, a theme song for watching Downton Abbey with your bros

The return of Downton Abbey signals not just a revisit to a simpler, colder time of erudite aristocrats and the dispassionate peasantry that serve them, but also the return of group watching parties of the hit British soap. But what of the meatheaded Downton fans? Those who enjoy watching creeping societal change affect a long-held hierarchy but also love doing sweet keg stands? Who will stand up for this (let’s say) silent majority?

The answer is Dave And Brian, a comedy singing duo out of Philly. They’ve recently released the video for their song “Downton Abbey (With My Bros)” that shines a light on this previously underserved demographic. The video shows just how easily the Downton fan life can mesh with that of the average frat bro, from fantasy Downton teams to beer pong using dainty tea cups instead of the ubiquitous red Solo cups. It’s a simple, silly idea helped out by a very catchy hook and the always welcomed inclusion of Havarti cheese.

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