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Finally, a Steel Magnolias for black people

Illustration for article titled Finally, a emSteel Magnolias/em for black people

For those who enjoyed the sweet, Southern sass and extended dialysis scenes of Steel Magnolias, but thought it was just way, way too white, Lifetime has announced plans for a contemporary remake of the late-’80s lady-drama with an all-black cast. A Raisin In The Sun director Kenny Leon—who’s also had recent Broadway success with Fences and The Mountaintop—will head up the new take on the story, which will once again take place in Louisiana and center on a group of multigenerational women, but no longer will these women have such a disturbing lack of melanin. Naturally, speculation about casting has already begun, because you can’t just put Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer in every role. Just a couple of them. (Someone will also probably say, “Tyler Perry,” because someone is always saying, “Tyler Perry.” It’s in his contract. With the Earth.) This project also gives us the chance to pose a question that’s often kept us awake at night: “Who is the black Olympia Dukakis?” Soon we will know the answer, and then we will sleep.


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