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Finally, a pair of anime-themed Bluetooth speakers that also hug you from behind

Anime merchandise has always been a little...unique. Sure, wall scrolls are the norm, and there’s nothing wrong with scooping up a handful of busts and statues. One must be careful, though, lest they veer into the odd orbit of dirty mouse pads, plushie obsessions, or weird body pillows. After all, it’s not like we can all claim we work for Arby’s social media team.

But then there’s Japanese company Otome Yusha’s latest promotional product: the “Boyfriend Hug Speakers.” A pair of arm-shaped speakers that hug you from behind, the product provides a husbando with incredibly muscled arms and a beautiful, pensive face that kinda looks like it was stamped on top of a toilet seat. Yes, they are Bluetooth compatible.

According to Sora News 24, the speakers are called “Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers” and were created as a promotional item for the company’s Hero of Maidens, an RPG targeted at women about beautiful men who intend to “save the world through love.” There was only one made to promote the game, but fans have two opportunities to win them through a giveaway, either by following Otome Yusha on Twitter or by tweeting out the company’s official website with the hashtags #オトメ勇者 and #抱きしめスピーカープレゼント (#OtomeYusha and #HugSpeakersPresent).


The wildest part about these speakers is the fact that they’re worn like travel pillows and you’re actively encouraged to parade around your boyfriend speakers in public.

You can wear them to the cafe.

Screenshot: Otome Yusha

You can take them off and set them down at a cafe for a date.

Screenshot: Otome Yusha

You can wear them in front of your actual boyfriend at a cafe.

Screenshot: Otome Yusha

The possible scenarios of wearing your Boyfriend Hugging Speakers at a cafe, you see, are as endless as the music wafting from its rippling biceps.

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