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Final trailer makes one last plea for you to risk your life to go see Tenet

Few films have twinged our puzzle-deciphering instincts more thoroughly than Christopher Nolan’s upcoming, in-theaters-come-hell-or-high-viral-load Tenet. The movie’s trailers have served as a slowly unraveling mystery, as we’ve slowly worked out the basic questions underpinning the film. How does the movie’s “time flows backwards” conceit actually plays out? What are the stakes of John David Washington’s mysterious mission? How many people are going to die because they just had to see this thing in a movie theater?

All but the last now appears to be clearer than ever, courtesy of what Warner Bros. is promising will be the “FINAL” Tenet trailer, ahead of the movie’s September 3 release. Clocking in at more than 3 minutes long, the new trailer mixes familiar footage with plenty of new shots—including seeing Washington get to bust out some of that famous family swagger. We also get to see shots of what might be glimpses of the war he’s trying to avert, and also another look at that plane Robert Pattinson wants to be blow up, because hell, Christopher Nolan blew up a plane, so we might as well give it a look.

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