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Final Fantasy VII remake gets new trailer, 2020 release date

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When first we heard tell of Square Enix’s remake of its seminal Final Fantasy VII, we assumed the game probably wouldn’t find its way onto shelves until the mid-20s, what with the industry’s history of delays and setbacks. Consider us shocked, then, that will be released globally on PS4 March 3 of next year. Cue the music.


This news comes ahead of Square Enix’s E3 keynote today, and it brings with it a new trailer of gameplay footage from the game’s first act. As such, it’s good to remember the original plan for the game, which was to release it episodically over several years. What we get on March 3 could very well be that first installment, which would likely be set in the shadow of Shinra Electric Power Company’s Midgar base. The original game’s director, writer, composer, and character designer are all contributing to the remake, which appears to eschew turn-based battles for a more freeform mode of action.

Square Enix also teased the game with a new look at lethal, complex antagonist Sephiroth, who’s bound to enrapture a whole new generation of impressionable goths. See that, as well as the new trailer, below.


UPDATE: This evening, during publisher Square Enix’s E3 presentation, the company dropped an expanded trailer that features our first look at the remake’s take on fan-favorite party member Tifa and immeasurably beloved villain Sephiroth. The latter doesn’t get to do much, but he has long white hair and a really big sword, so he doesn’t need to do much to make an impact. That new trailer is below.

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