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It’s one of the great tragedies of cinema history that Ingmar Bergman never directed the big-budget superhero movie he was clearly born to make. Luckily, the Internet has picked up the slack and righted the wrongs of history by showing us what a movie version of DC’s The Flash would have looked like if the famous Swedish director had been behind the camera.


Created by filmmaker Patrick Willems, the short transforms the Flash’s trademark speed, vitality, and color into moribund, monochromatic angst. With a cheap-looking costume and minimal special effects, this Flash isn’t about saving people so much as reflecting on his ultimate inability to do so. Hounded by the Black Flash, the specter of his own death, he is incapable, as are we all, of coming to terms with the grim inevitable truth of oblivion, which not even the world’s fastest man can outrun.

Also, it’s pretty funny to hear someone say “Captain Cold’s cold gun” in badly accented Swedish.

[via io9]

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