Not content with those boring, run-of-the-mill supercuts, the wizards behind The Eclectic Method decided to have some fun and create something a bit more complicated. The video DJs have replicated Jay-Z's “99 Problems” Girl Talk-style by splicing together quick scenes from dozens of movies to recreate the song's vocal tracks laid down over the actual Rick Rubin beat Hova used on the original track. It feels like the natural progression for a song that helped usher in the age of mash-ups by way of DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album lo those many years ago. It also makes for a frenetic video and, subsequently, a fun game trying to suss out which movies are sampled and gives us what is likely the only time an Ace Ventura movie is presented alongside The Godfather. (For the record, though, the original “99 Problems” video was pretty cool to begin with because Rick Rubin is terrifying.) [via Oh Have You Seen This?]