Those Avatar fans who longed to remain in the world of Pandora, living their days peacefully among the Na’vi and having magical ponytail-sex, have thus far had to console themselves with undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery, or the cold comfort of coupling with their Avatar Fleshlights. But now you can get one step further away from the dismaying reality of human existence by purchasing the above, lifelike “REBORN AVATAR BABY,” a human-Na’vi hybrid that eBay seller “tinytoesnursery15” has created, offering it as a sympathetic substitute for all those who will never know the ultimate intimacy of breeding with a Na’vi, and then birthing a blue baby with genuine head-turning action so it can watch you at all times, especially at night. For only $165, it can be yours right now—a small price to pay for replacing your deep spiritual yearning with paralyzing terror. [/Film via Movieline]