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Fifty Shades Of Hutt is the erotic thriller no one asked for

A woman enters the room of a powerful man, looking for information from an otherwise guarded source. Eventually, things take a turn and soon enough she finds herself in bondage gear and surrendering (temporarily) to his whims. Now the question: Is that the description of megahit Fifty Shades Of Grey or the relationship between Princess Leia and Jabba The Hutt in Return Of The Jedi? That’s the question answered by “Fifty Shades Of Hutt” from Film Geekery, who takes the audio from the trailer for the hit film and slaps it over scenes from the Star Wars classic.

Of course, this isn’t the first Fifty Shades mashup. (“Fifty Shades of Gandalf The Grey” and “Fifty Shades Of Wayne,” for example) That simple trailer has yielded multiple geeky takes on the subject matter, but “Fifty Shades Of Hutt” underscores the troublesome sexual politics in the E.L. James source material as well as wins points for the pretty great juxtaposition of dapper Mr. Grey with overgrown slug creature Jabba. The mashup loses some points, though, for not figuring out how to work Salacious Crumb into Jabba’s arsenal of fetishes. You just know that freaky little guy is into some truly kinky shit.

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