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Fifty Shades Of Grey is already Fandango’s fastest-selling R-rated movie ever

Entering into the sort of long-term contractual obligation they find so erotic, Fifty Shades Of Grey fans have apparently already set a new record for advance ticket sales on Fandango. The romantic ode to BDSM relationships and minimalist interior design is now Fandango’s fastest-selling R-rated film of all time, outpacing the girls’ night out sequel Sex And The City 2, the bros’ night out sequels The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III, and the awkward date-night selection Gone Girl.

Fifty Shades Of Grey will be released in theaters nationwide on February 13, followed by an epidemic of ruined Valentine’s Days amongst couples who had a few too many margaritas at Red Lobster and don’t realize you shouldn’t use the Mcintosh Yankee Candle from the den for wax play. Low temp candles, people. Remember that.


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