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Illustration for article titled emFifty Shades of Grey/em hits 10 million copies sold, makes world safe for more BDSM fan-fiction

Doing what those Harry-Draco slash-fic stories couldn’t, Fifty Shades of Grey has finally given the world of erotic fan-fiction its first mainstream breakthrough as the trilogy has now racked up over 10 million copies sold in just six weeks, according to Mediabistro. The Grey trilogy, penned by E L James, began life as Twilight fan-fiction detailing the erotic adventures of a certain well-coifed vampire and his human object of affection. After other fans raised concerns over how explicit some of the scenes were, James changed the names of the characters and then reposted the stories with a different title which led to a gigantic book deal which then lead to a gigantic movie deal.


Of course, one small item that may have given the trilogy a sales bump is the fact that a lot of readers can’t get their hands on tattered copies at their local library, either because it’s always checked out or because their library has decided not to carry it, preventing mothers the world over from secretly getting their rocks off. Yes, a piece of fan-fiction has kicked off a storm of controversy over what is and isn’t good for women the likes of which haven’t been seen since the debut of HBO’s Girls. It’s also become a meme of its own, inspiring several videos of celebs (or “celebs”) reading excerpts of the book or mocking the whole thing, including Twilight fan-fic muse Kristen Stewart.

Not that it matters because you probably blindly bought it as a Mother’s Day gift for your mom anyway not realizing the number of times the trilogy mentions vaginal walls. Which is fine because the alternative for that sort of thing is NASCAR romance novels.

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