Fifty Shades Of Grey author E. L. James is being sued for lending her name and sexual street cred to a product that a literary-minded consumer says fails to live up to its marketed claims. Tania Warchol of California is bringing a class action law suit against James, citing complaints about the Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel For Her that Warchol purchased from online sex retailer LoveHoney’s “Fifty Shades Of Grey: The Official Pleasure Collection.” According to The Wrap, Warchol’s attorney Ronald Marron is challenging the company’s claims that the $15 product has “beneficial and aphrodisiac properties to increase pleasure and enhance orgasms.” More worrying, Warchol also asserts that the gel is incompatible with latex.

LoveHoney’s collection—which includes, among many, many other things, a jar of Fifty Shades Of Grey Soothe Me After Spanking Cream (“boasts the luxurious aroma of sandalwood, bergamot and musk, Christian’s signature scent”)—carries a label reading “Approved by E. L. James.” Excerpts from James’ books, including one referencing protagonist Anastasia Steele’s “soulgrabbing” orgasm, also appear on the packaging. Warchol is seeking a full refund and punitive damages, and is inviting other California residents who purchased the gel to join the suit. Universal Pictures, producers of the Fifty Shades Of Grey film adaptation, was not named in the suit.