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Fifty Shades Of Buscemi is self-explanatory, ridiculously hot

Illustration for article titled iFifty Shades Of Buscemi/i is self-explanatory, ridiculously hot

Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and that means Fifty Shades Of Grey is nearly upon us. Advanced ticket sales records are being broken, and the sequels have already moved beyond innuendo and foreplay. If you’re hotly anticipating the monochromatically-charged romantic drama, there’s only a few days to wait until it’s here. And if you aren’t worked up into a lather, there’s only a few more days to endure until it’s over.

Probably for the benefit of the latter group, Uproxx has shared the self-explanatory trailer for Fifty Shades Of Buscemi. As anybody who’s familiar with Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes can tell you, it seems almost reckless to start with such sexually-charged material and subject it to such a strong erotic catalyst. Better to lay back and submit that try and resist Fifty Shades Of Buscemi.

While the results aren’t more graphic than the original Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer, the addition of Buscemi may elicit a level of arousal that is NSFW. Consider yourself warned.

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