Last week marked the release of FIDLAR’s third studio album, Almost Free, and, if they’re new video for single “Can’t You See” is any indication, the L.A. scuzz-punks are cleaning up their act. Credit Martin Starr for the aesthetic switcheroo, as the sleazy, hyper-millennial manager he plays here is determined to “make them look like a fucking rock-and-roll band.” Or, at least, the 2019 version of one. “I’m the guy that turned Portugal. The Man into what they became,” he boasts. Yikes.

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Jonah Ray directed the clip, which pairs the song’s blues-rock vibe with a predatory drive through the streets of California. Though frontman Zac Carper tries to outrun his destiny of selling out, even he succumbs in the end.


Watch it above.