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Female-driven horror anthology XX coming from Magnet

Now that the question of whether women are funny has been answered, it’s time to ask another: Are women scary? A response is in the works as The Wrap reports that the horror anthology XX—you know, like the chromosomes—has been given the green light. Magnet Releasing will finance and distribute the movie, which is being produced by Tusk’s XYZ Films.

The four directors chosen for XX include American Psycho’s Mary Harron, Jennifer’s Body’s Karyn Kusama, Boxing Helena’s Jennifer Lynch, and Rue Morgue editor-turned-filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic. It’s been a while since any of them have had a hit (save for Vuckovic, who has yet to make her mainstream breakthrough), but with free rein to tell any kind of scary story they want within budget and time restraints, the results should be interesting at least.


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