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Illustration for article titled Felicity Jones becomes the Notorious RBG in first iOn The Basis Of Sex /itrailer
Screenshot: On The Basis Of Sex trailer (YouTube)

Felicity Jones embarks on another hero’s journey in On The Basis Of Sex, trading droids for jabots to play U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With an appropriately swelling score, the first trailer for Mimi Leder’s film shows Jones as Ginsburg patiently but determinedly making her way through the male-dominated field of law, finding a like-minded partner in Marty Ginsburg (Armie Hammer), and eventually, arguing a case before the Supreme Court that lend to a landmark ruling against gender discrimination (hence, the title). Justin Theroux co-stars as Melvin Rulf, who would go on to become the legal director of the ACLU, and Sam Waterston plays Erwin Griswold, the dean of the law school Ginsburg attended, who once pulled a sexist stunt on female students. (Clearly, he’s no Jack McCoy).


On The Basis Of Sex will be in session December 25.

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