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Feel young again as Lori Beth Denberg revives her Loud Librarian for the All That reboot

Screenshot: All That

All That returns to Nickelodeon next month with a brand new cast of pint-sized comics, but they won’t be without a few mentors. As we reported earlier this month, previous cast members Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, and Lori Beth Denberg will join the newbies in a sketch or two. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got our first glimpse of the old stars mingling with the new ones.

In the below clip, you’ll see Denberg reprising her Loud Librarian character in a sketch that revives all the bellowing clatter that made the original so funny. “It does get a lot of aggression out, but it’s really hard,” Denberg told EW of the character. “The Loud Librarian is all about being really loud and energetic and working tons of props, big heavy props and I’m crashing into things. I forgot how physically taxing it was, and that’s without even the yelling on top of it. I think I said after the first time we did a rehearsal, ‘I forgot how sweaty this was.’”


Mitchell will, as you probably expected, bring back Good Burger’s Ed for the series premiere, which will feature the Jonas Brothers who, as they just did on Saturday Night Live, serve as both musical guests and sketch participants. That episode hits Nick on June 15.

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