Star Wars has left a lasting impact on film, fan culture, marketing, merchandising, and even men’s style. According to Tom Carson of GQ, “From parkas meant to rebuke planet Hoth’s eternal winter to flap-pocket jackets suitable for a Rebel Alliance pilot, the Star Wars look is more with us than ever.”

States Carson in his GQ piece, “Star Wars: The Trilogy That Inspired This Season’s Look”: “Most movies with comparable fashion legacies primarily influence women’s fashions, but the Princess Leia look has never been in much demand. This one’s all about the guys.”


The article points out that the 1977 original, while a shoe-in for the technical Oscars, also walked away with Best Costume design. According to the article, costume designer John Mollo received simple instructions from George Lucas that “audiences mustn’t consciously notice the costumes.” Gone were the matching silver jumpsuits of 1950s sci-fi. The new look of outer space was something that had one foot in the ’70s with browns and yellows straight out of a Sears catalog and the other in a galaxy far, far, away.

Part of the Star Wars look since 1977 has been cool jackets, and this list from Grantland provides readers with a top 11. In a surprising ranking that is sure to cause some debate, Luke Skywalker’s yellow roller-disco inspired number that he wore at the medal ceremony on Yavin IV beats out Han Solo’s Steve McQueen-esque, Harrington inspired jacket from Empire. Of course, Han has a long history of cool outerwear featured on the list, from his Hoth parka (that is either blue or brown depending on which geek you ask) to the new leather jacket that he dons in The Force Awakensif there’s a hero that knows how to look good in leather, it’s Harrison Ford. While it gets an honorable mention, his Endor duster does not make the cut.

Bossk’s recycled Doctor Who jumpsuit ties for number seven with Greedo’s very ’70s green leather/tan vest combo. There are also quite a few capes on the list from Lando Calrissian’s to Captain Phasma’s, but it’s doubtful that the male cape is coming back in style anytime soon, even if it is good cape weather.