There are more than a hundred licensed version of Monopoly in the U.S. alone, replacing the game’s familiar Atlantic City landmarks with locations ranging from Family Guy’s Quahog to Adventure Time’s Land Of Ooo. Amazingly, J.K. Rowling’s mega-successful Harry Potter series has never been adapted to the famous game of backstabbing and real estate. No, if you want to spend seven hours of your life bickering over who controls 4 Privet Drive or Diagon Alley, you’re going to have to turn to the fan market to help you out.

This custom-made set, by Etsy seller CustomLumos, caught our eye recently. “Wizard’s Monopoly” comes in a lovely wooden trunk, with a board made up of locations from throughout the wizarding world. It’s a beautiful presentation, though the $1000 asking price is ridiculous, even if you take into account the necessary legal fees the creator will need when the combined forces of J.K. Rowling and Parker Brothers come down on them (you can buy PDFs of the board and wizard-branded play money to print at home for much less exorbitant amounts).

And because it’s Etsy, the listed materials also of course include “charms, spells, and some Dark Magic.” So if you end up bashing your friend over the head with the trunk when he grabs 12 Grimmauld Place out from under you, you can always blame evil wizards for your murderous impulses.


[via Nerd Approved]