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Feel the exquisite torment of a delayed high school cast list in this cut-for-time SNL sketch

Will Ferrell
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s a cold world out there. Life doesn’t pull punches. One minute you’re on top, daydreaming about the senior getaway and all the stuff you’re going to do when you’re in college and don’t have a curfew anymore. The next minute, you’re the fucking mayor?! The mayor only has two lines!

If that scenario sounds at all familiar, boy oh boy, does Saturday Night Live have a cut-for-time sketch for you.

Okay, so it kind of just peters off at the end there. Still, a lot of cringingly familiar moments in there for those among us who’ve made that long wait, standing before that corkboard, longing for the sweet release of knowing who’s going to play Annie Oakley, and who is going to play the socialite in act two that no one ever remembers so there is no point in pretending it’s a good part, okay? There just isn’t, it is what it is, but it’s fine, it’s no big deal, “Moonshine Lullabye” isn’t even that good a song, plus this just gives us more time to get ready for Our Town auditions. Straight plays just appeal to us more right now, anyway, you know? We want to work on our craft.


Unsurprisingly for this SNL season, Bowen Yang kind of steals the show here, but were this a sketch from when host Will Ferrell were a regular cast member, we’d hope that perhaps the chaos-loving Mr. Koenig would get another sketch or two. We just want to know how he deals with the solos on “Seasons Of Love.”

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