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In between working on a play, a movie, and a seven-part book series, J.K. Rowling apparently found time to write an essay on the history of the Quidditch World Cup. The Harry Potter author tweeted last week that if enough people used the hashtag #wizards4Scotlandrugbyteam, she would post the essay on her site Pottermore. Today—apparently satisfied that her loyal group of fans are willing to do her bidding at the drop of a Sorting Hat—she made good on her word and posted the first of two essays about the Wizarding World’s biggest sport. (Sorry, Wizard’s Chess.) The second essay will be posted on March 21.


The essay (which requires a Pottermore account to view) contains faux-historical details about the boomstick sport, written in Rowling’s trademark whimsical voice. For instance, she explains that the Quidditch tournament has been held every four years since 1473, then adds: “There is, however, a mystery surrounding the tournament of 1877. The competition was undoubtedly planned: a venue chosen (the Ryn Desert in Kazakhstan), publicity materials produced, tickets sold. In August, however, the wizarding world woke up to the fact that they had no memory whatsoever of the tournament taking place.”

While the Quidditch lesson may not be riveting, it is unusual for Pottermore to offer up such a substantial chunk of writing from the Harry Potter author. Since the site went live in April 2012, Pottermore has mainly been doling out tidbits of information here and there for patient fan. Those who found this first essay a little dry should be sure to check back next week when Rowling will likely announce that legendary Quidditch seeker Roderick Plumpton was gay. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

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