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Feel incredibly old by watching the first Vine webseries

(Image: Camp Unplug)

Ready to feel like you’re officially too old to exist on the internet? Vine just released its first original webseries. That’s right, the platform designed to upload six-second videos is getting into long-form storytelling. Titled Camp Unplug, the webseries unfolds across 36 separate installments. And while many of them are traditional six-second Vines, there are also longer videos up to a minute or two in length as well. (Vine recently started letting certain creators monetize their Vine accounts with longer videos.)


The series takes place at “Camp Unplug,” a technology-free retreat where a bunch of Vine teen stars (who are Vine teen stars in real-life) are sent to cure their social media addictions while wearing Moonrise Kingdom-esque uniforms. Yet despite the fact that the very premise of this webseries hinges on the teens having their phones confiscated as soon as they arrive at the camp, somehow they still manage to upload Vines as well as high-quality professional videos of the entire experience. Maybe it’s supposed to be ironic?

Despite it’s odd format, there are some funny bits here and there, like this girl being pushed on a swing:

Or this explict Wes Anderson parody:


The “story,” such as there is one, starts out pretty low-key and eventually escalates into a Scream Queens-esque horror comedy. You can watch it unfold either in the Vine app or via Vine’s fullscreen player. Meanwhile, for those who prefer not to watch their webseries in 36 frustratingly short installments, some kind soul has uploaded the entire thing into one 24-minute YouTube video:

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