Do you ever wonder what your FedEx packages would sound like if they were also songs? No? Well, FedEx has an answer for you anyway. The shipping company has launched a website called SoundTrack (get it?) that generates a song based on the size of your parcel and the route it traveled. Anybody with a FedEx tracking number should be able to pop it in to the website and watch as their package flies across the country to some awkward, algorithmically composed music. And if you don’t have a tracking number lying around, you can build your own hypothetical shipment to create a custom song, picking from a handful of American cities to color the track with their associated musical styles.


That’s the idea behind SoundTrack, anyway. We could not get a single tracking number to work and most of the “create-a-package” tracks we attempted to compose resulted in an error before we could hear even a second of music. Even most of the songs FedEx has built into the website and are using to promote this weird new innovation in shipping technology refuse to play. But hey, maybe you’ll have better luck!

[via Pitchfork]