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Federal prosecutors are seeking a month of prison time for Felicity Huffman

Photo: Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe (Getty Images)

Federal prosecutors have announced the sentence they’re seeking for actress Felicity Huffman, and it is, in legal terms, a bit of a doozy: A $20,000 fine, a year of supervised release, and—most shockingly—a month in federal prison. Huffman pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of mail fraud and honest services fraud in connection with a wide-ranging college admissions scandal, one that also swept up other prominent names like Full House star Lori Loughlin. (Loughlin has pleaded not guilty to similar charges, at least in part because the plea deal she was offered reportedly included two years of prison time due to attached money laundering charges.)

Per NBC News, the prosecutors in Huffman’s case filed a motion in federal court today, stating that, in their opinion, stopping at probation, or even house arrest, wouldn’t actually be much of a punishment or deterrent for Huffman, or others hoping to follow in her footsteps by gaming the college admissions system. “In the context of this case, neither probation nor home confinement (in a large home in the Hollywood Hills with an infinity pool) would constitute meaningful punishment or deter others from committing similar crimes,” they wrote.


In response to the filing, Huffman’s team has requested that the judge sentence her to a year of probation, in addition to 250 hours of community service, as well as the previously agreed-to fine.

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