After a confusing back-and-forth about a possible sequel to the 2013 Evil Dead remake, co-writer Rodo Sayagues has confirmed he and director Fede Alvarez are no longer attached to the project. This marks a drastic change from last March, when Alvarez announced at SXSW that he had begun work on a sequel. Although, red flags were also raised at Comic-Con in July, when Alvarez admitted he didn't yet know what kind of story he wanted to tell.

Now, in a Spanish-language interview with Gorosito TV, Sayagues explains, “Evil Dead 2 is not going to happen, at least not with us involved. We departed from that project many months ago because we preferred to invest in some other things, and I have no idea if the producers still want to make it. So the only thing I can tell you about it is that we are not part of it as of now.” Sayagues did confirm that the other projects he and Alvarez are working on include the sci-fi movie Machina, that previously reported adaptation of the video game Dante’s Inferno, and an unspecified, original horror movie.


Meanwhile, Sayagues and Alvarez confirmed that Sam Raimi (the writer/director of the original Evil Dead) is, as was previously rumored, working on Army Of Darkness 2, as part of the original Evil Dead series that wrapped in 1992. In other words, Evil Dead is getting a fourth movie, but not a second one, which is totally not confusing at all, stop looking at us like that.