Compared to season one, not too many people have a lot of love for the second season of True Detective. Not a lot of people have love for Leonard Cohen either. ā€œNevermindā€ was just a notch too brooding and sparse to be palatable, unlike the hazy country number that opened the adventures of Rust Cohle.

It took half the season, but one internet person took a stand and said, ā€œNo more.ā€ Mihai Tita created a Tumblr called Untrue Detective, which replaces the music with songs that improve the opening sequence.


The remixes may very well increase your disappointment at this seasonā€˜s True Detective. After all, there was so much potential in that initial opening. Could you imagine at least hearing Jay Zā€™s ā€œNickels And Dimesā€ before pretending like you knew whatā€™s going on?

True Detective x Jay Z


True Detective x Perfume Genius