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Feast your eyes on some crazy ground meat art

You eat with your eyes first, and this meat is worthy of museum space. If only it would last. Instead, it’s displayed in a Seattle grocery store’s meat case, the creation of the store’s meat manager/meat artist, Kieran Gormley. His Epic Grinds Tumblr is full of pop culture creatures and objects depicted through the medium of ground beef and pork, ranging from a Star Wars display of the Death Star, a TIE fighter, and R2D2 to a joint-smoking Jimi Hendrix.


It’s also pretty cool when Gormley incorporates non-meat stuffs into the sculptures, like these ones:

Check out all the cool meat art on the Epic Grinds Tumblr or, if you live in Seattle, head to Uwajimaya grocery store to see it in the flesh.


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