Continuing on your quest to sate your fix for more Dan Harmon, you move beyond Community and Rick And Morty to discover a preview for a new animated venture based on his ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign. You delight to discover that HarmonQuest uses the D&D portions of his Harmontown podcast that follow Harmon, Jeff Davis, Erin McGathy, game master Spencer Crittenden and various special guests as they embark on various journeys into dangerous realms of trolls, potions, and a tendency to state embarrassingly harsh emotional truths. Intrigued, you click on this link and are mystically transported to iO9, which has the first look at this series. You scan your office settings to make sure no one is watching before you play a brief clip that also includes Workaholics' Blake Anderson. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about when the show will premiere, or where, so you suffer +3 Vexation and Delayed Gratification. Luckily, you are consoled by the knowledge that not only is there a new Community episode on tonight, but it is animated! Huzzah! Watch a preview of tonight's "GI Jeff" below or roll a 13 or better to make a saving throw versus your insecurities.