Right now, FEARnet may be best known as that channel where you discovered that there are actually two Urban Legends sequels—but then, people also scoffed at AMC’s original programming at first. So, like so many other basic cable networks these days, FEARnet is also slowly getting into the original programming game, commissioning its first homegrown series, Holliston. The multicamera comedy series comes from Hatchet director Adam Green and Knights Of Badassdom director Joe Lynch, who will star as “lesser versions of themselves” by playing two wannabe horror filmmakers making ends meet by hosting a late-night cable-access movie showcase in Holliston, MA.

Described as “Wayne’s World meets Saw”—which is the last time you will see something described like that, anywhere, ever—the series will feature cameos from various recognizable faces from the world of genre fare, as well as plenty of jokes making fun of the duo’s real-life colleagues. Green also claimed that Holliston was the “first horror sitcom—a hori-com” (which The Addams Family might take issue with, or Garth Marengi’s Darkplace, or even Suddenly Susan) and asked, “What other sitcom on television includes exploding heads and an imaginary alien friend who lives in the closet?” Um, doesn’t Rules Of Engagement have both of those things? We don’t know anyone who’s ever watched it, so we’ll just assume that we’re right about that. So now there are two sitcoms where aliens live in closets and heads are always exploding—Rules Of Engagement and this thing.