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Fear The Walking Dead announces fall premiere, teases crossover

Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Robert Kirkman might be getting ready to put down The Walking Dead comic-book series, but its TV adaptations were going strong today at Comic-Con. AMC released a trailer for season 8 of The Walking Dead, which already looks to be much less of a slog than last season. The network also shared a preview of the second half of Fear The Walking Deads third season, which ended with Madison (Kim Dickens) doing un-Madison-like things, which is, oddly enough, very much in keeping with Madison (she’s inconsistent, is the point).

Season 3B, as it’s known ‘round these parts, kicks off September 10, and will see Madison reunited with Daniel (Rubén Blades) and Strand (Colman Domingo). AMC released this trailer, which we really think should have been set to Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry.”

FTWD’s third season will wrap just before TWD returns for season eight. At the panel—which was hosted by Chris Hardwick, Talk-er extraordinaire–Kirkman teased the possibility of a crossover between the two shows. “I think that it’s something that we would love to try and work out, and we know the fans would love it,” Kirkman said, while acknowledging that it’d be “complicated” to arrange.


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