The Mattel And Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour is looking less and less like a solid Simpsons gag and more like eerie prophecy: The FCC is currently examining a complaint regarding the upcoming Nicktoons series Zevo-3—which is based on characters originally created to promote Skechers shoes to children—on the grounds that it violates government rules on the separation between commercials and children’s programming. Zevo-3 reportedly follows the adventures of three superheroes—named Kewl Breeze, Elastika, and Z-Strap—as they battle the evil Dr. Stankfoot who, according to the official Skechers Shoepedia, “seeks to make all kids' feet as stinky as his.” So where else do they think kids are going to learn about the Skechers Airators’ awesome powers of ventilation, which keeps things cool and combats the embarrassment of stinky sneakers? On the streets?!