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The FBI has arrested the Virginia man who posted a “warning” to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker on a radical Muslim website back in April, after he told federal agents of his plans to travel overseas and join a terrorist group. Zachary Chesser, described as a 20-year-old “university dropout,” was apprehended while attempting to board a plane at a New York airport despite being on a no-fly list, after which he spoke at length with FBI agents about his connection to al-Qaeda associate group Al-Shabaab, which he intended to join in Kenya or Somalia.

During their discussion, Chesser admitted to posting “jihad propaganda” as part of his primary role behind the Revolution Muslim website, including listing detailed instructions on how to support the jihad in Somalia. Chesser has now been charged with providing “material support and resources” to Al-Shabaab. The Smoking Gun has the full FBI affidavit here; buried in the middle is the revelation that Chesser is “no longer on speaking terms with his parents” after his mother received death threats during the South Park fallout.


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