The Yards

Faye Dunaway has joined the cast of Hand Of God for the Amazon drama’s second season, Deadline reports. The series, created by Ben Watkins (Burn Notice), is about a Judge Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman), who suffers a mental breakdown and believes God is compelling him on a path of vigilante justice. While season one had some growing pains, The A.V. Club at least praised Perlman’s performance throughout the run of episodes.

In season two, Dunaway will play Valerie Harris, known as Aunt Val, who Deadline describes as a “calculating” and “rapacious” leader of the powerful Harris family. Those two adjectives sound just about right for a show littered with terrible people, but, hey, having a powerful female lead might help address those complaints of misogyny lobbed at the show’s first season. Also, if your show’s already being described as “a supernatural-flavored Chinatown,” you might as well cast Dunaway and get it over with.